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What is a Socialite?

[soh -sh uh -lahyt]

1. A socially prominent person.
2. One who is, or seeks to be prominent in fashionable society.
ORIGIN: 1925-30; social + ite®. 1928, probably a coinage among writers and editors at "Time" magazine, perhaps as a contraction of social light, in imitation of words in –ite.

Socialites are interesting, mysterious, personable, creative and held to high standards. They stay in the know by keeping their eyes and ears peeled to the streets (well, the world for that matter); using their gifts, talents and skills to contribute as unique assets to society.

The Socialite is an individual, regardless of demographic or socioeconomics that participates in social activities- disbursing their time in the likes of events, entertainment and community up-builders.

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At The Austin Socialite™ our mission is to simply Keep Austin Social. Our mission is to insure that every Austinite, whether native or transplant, has the opportunity to experience every flavor that Austin has to offer.

We're a lifestyle website that functions as a one.stop.socialite.shop for the city's entertainment needs. It's the go-to-guide for young, fly, weird Austin. In addition to delivering the happenings of the city, we also provide an outlet for club hosts and party pushers to capture the magic of their events by way of our media (photo/video), among other marketing services.

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Our #1 priority is our clients’ utmost satisfaction. We are constantly growing our audience, all while improving our initiatives and adapting to the needs of the ambiguous social industry, in order to better serve you and our public.
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Services we Provice:
-Personal E-blast
-Newsletter Ads
-Ad Space
-Social Media Promo
-Street Team
-Event Listing
-Event Coordination
-Blog Write-ups
-Video Promotion

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Join a dynamic and artistic team with our motivated, talented individuals who inspire greatness in each other and whoever touched.

Whatever your skill or talent, you are an absolute asset and we'd love to hear about it.

Positions are listed below, but are not confined to those alone. We collaborate all of the time and we're sure that if we can't help, we know someone that can. Email and tell us a little about yourself at: jointheteam@theaustinsocialite.com

Promotions, Hosts/Models
Marketing Coordinators
Graphic Designers
Web Developers
Street Team Members

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-Terry Pierre-


Austin, TX

(e) Terry@theaustinsocialite.com

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About Me:
Pierre graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, with a bachelors degree in Corporate Communications and a minor in Business Foundations. Directly after graduation, Pierre was recruited to help boost several Fortune 500 companies. Now, she is expanding her very own empire, all the while, developing her expertise in the areas of strategic planning, business development, marketing, management and public affairs. She lives and breathes Austin TX there are evident need and opportunity for continual community building and unity. She’s determined to use her expertise to serve the community’s needs for innovative ways to diverse the city and further equality, creativity, entrepreneurship and education.

-Sharla Pierre-

Vice President & Marketing Executive

Austin, TX

(e) SPierre@theaustinsocialite.com


About Me:
I went to Baylor University and the University of Houston seeking a degree in children's psychology with a minor in sociology. As co-founder of The Austin Socialite, I work to keep the city of Austin connected from small businesses around town, to social networks on the web. My goal is to continue to grow with the city of Austin and expand in more cities small or large, near or far. I enjoy any genre of music, food, and traveling.

-Ashton Deary-

Creative Director

Austin, TX

(e) Ashton@theaustinsocialite.com


About Me:
Ashton Isabella Alexandria Deary, is a native Austinite, who lives, breathes and sleeps her city. She traveled to Atlanta GA to pursue her undergraduate degree at Clark Atlanta University, where she got her first taste of on-air cooresponding. After graduation, Ashton returned to Austin and jumped at the opportunity to show the world why she loved Austin so much, and to expose Austin natives and transplants alike to the many flavors the capital city has to offer.

-Mara Smart-

Sr. Correspondent/Public Relations

Bossier City, LA

(e) mara@theaustinsocialite.com


About Me:
Mara is a college graduate from Prairie View A &M University where she has earned her Bachelors Of Science Degree in Psychology. While in college Mara was signed to Neal Hamil Agency in Houston, Texas where she did commercial print modeling. After graduation she moved to Austin to begin a career as an Applied Behavioral Analyst Therapist for children with Autism. Although she loves working in mental health and has been for over six years she fell in love with being a correspondent when she had the opportunity to be in front of the camera. She has been working with the Austin Socialite since March 2011 when the company was just one month old. Being in front of the camera and contributing to journalism work is her passion, just watch her videos and you will see personality and happiness all around. Mara is currently one of the correspondent’s and supervisor over the Media Video team.

-Portia Riggins-

Event/Public Relations

Austin, TX

(e) Portia@theaustinsocialite.com


About Me:
I'm Portia Riggins, a Native out of Austin Texas. I'm a experienced Model who does Social Media, Corresponding, marketing, PR work within Austin. My major roles are incorporated within The Austin Socialite. I consider myself the Beauty with Brains. Thank you for your Read discover more about us through our pics and Video Remember to tell your friends about www.Theaustinsocialite.com

-Paige Turner-

Associate Editor

Austin, TX

(e) Paige@theaustinsocialite.com


About Me:
Paige Turner is a native Austinite with experience in print, online journalism, public relations and marketing. Paige has worked with Sanders\Wingo Advertising, TRIBEZA Austin Magazine, Bauce Magazine and 501 LIFE Magazine. Upon getting her B.A. in journalism from the University of Central Arkansas, Paige has returned home to the 512 to attend the University of Texas at Austin for a master's in journalism.

-Cassie Smith-

Associate Editor

New Orleans, LA

(e) Cassie@theaustinsocialite.com


About Me:
Cassie Smith, is a Xavier University of Louisiana alumna. She is an award-winning journalist and graphic designer. In the fall 2012—spring 2013 academic year Cassie served as editor-in-chief for her university’s student newspaper, The Xavier Herald. She has since published articles with The Austin Monthly Magazine, The Texas Tribune and Austin Fusion Magazine. Cassie has worked previously with production companies in New Orleans and Austin including, UMCA Sports&Entertainment, Austin Fashion Week and Gwendolyn Entertainment. Her passion includes writing, reading, shopping and meeting new people. She plans to continue to contribute her skills to the expansion of The Austin Socialite. If you are a local artist or business owner and would like to be featured on The Austin Socialite email me!

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